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Nachhaltige Architektur

sustainable architecture

"The Job profile of an architect describes a fusion of technical and design desceplines. Design, implementation planing and construction managment are nessesery parts on the way of building formation from the sketch until the finished domicile. An architect is always required wherever individual building solutions with high demands on execution quality and no "assembly line" product are required.


In times of global climate change, sustainable construction becomes particular importance, because those who build their houses with low energy consumption and made of renewable building materials acts environmentally conscious. In this task, architects play a key role in which it is important during the design process to minimize heat losses through the building envelope in winter, avoid overheating in summer and to integrate renewable energy into the building design in a contemporary architectural language.


The parameters of energy consumption and energy efficiency, which we know from the automotive industry and household technology, can also be applied to buildings and significantly shape the deffinition of modern architecture today."



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